San Diego is so beautiful, sometimes we pack it up and go for a run together.

HIIT Schedule / Location
All HIIT classes meet on The War Memorial Lawn in Balboa Park

Monday: 10 am

Wednesday: 10 am/ 6 pm

Friday: 10 am

Saturday:  7 am 

Sunday: 8 am


H.I.I.T. workouts are different from any workout you may have tried in the past. The exercises are far more demanding. A mix distance running, plyometrics, strength building, Olympic lifts, kettle bells, dumbbells, isolation lifts, functional movements, sprints, and speed/ agility training. These classes will challenge you physically and mentally. They are designed to increase your muscles strength and stamina.  You'll see increases in your speed, strength, agility, lung capacity and cardiac health. 

These classes are family friendly so bring the kiddies. They can play in the sun while you train.

"Fitness is my hobby, my therapy, my passion, and my business. It is my duty to infect you with a passion for training hard and living healthy. 

When your family, friends, coworkers, children and loved one see you take your health into your hands, they will be inspired to do the same, and the cycle continues."

                                                       -Jason Bell